About us

A child who doesn't like soccer... in Spain. This is what can summarize my childhood. At school, the only time I felt comfortable was in aeromodelling class, or on the rare occasions when I had class in the physics or chemistry lab.

A computer scientist at heart, I made a career in the printing world, first at Xerox and then at Lexmark. Compulsive handyman, I spend my time repairing old motorcycles, cameras, gramophones, lamp radios, steam engines...

The idea to start this project came in 2012, when I bought my first Arduino microcontroller. This new technology allowed me to tinker, program and invent devices... A whole universe of possibilities!

I started by giving conferences in schools, where I presented what is robotics and the evolution of digital technologies. After each intervention, I systematically had one or two parents who asked me if I could give lessons to their child... a child who often doesn't like soccer, and who is not at ease at school...

"Pablo has been the most wonderful teacher my children have ever had. In addition to offering content adapted to their abilities, he is able to enhance strengths, give them confidence and motivation to make them feel they can overcome and also teach through games while having fun. But above all Pablo teaches by the example of an involved and committed teacher, teaching to strive through his own example. I wish all those who are dedicated to teaching had the values of Pablo, who manages to inspire his students."
María B.
"Pablo is an extraordinary person as well as a great teacher. He has great empathy and infinite patience. He manages to make classes tremendously enjoyable. With him the kids learn much more than robotics, my kids love him! Without a doubt, Pablo is 100% recommendable."
Cristina M.
"Pablo's virtual class is the happiest moment of the week for my 10-year-old son."It makes me want to learn, it gives me happiness and peace of mind. It's fun," he tells me with excitement in his eyes, when I ask him what he thinks of his robotics class with Pablo. With his virtual method, accompanied by a physical kit, Pablo has managed to keep my son's interest in robotics. It was not an easy task, because they were coming from face-to-face classes and the comparison was obvious and unpleasant.Due to life circumstances, we were forced to change continent. Faced with my son's frustration at not being able to continue with his classes and Pablo's willingness to always help, they started to rehearse the classes virtually. Despite the distance and the 7-hour time difference, the result of this experiment has been very successful, both for the level of excellence of each class, as well as for the dynamics of the class, the topics covered and the enthusiasm with which my son continues to learn. Pablo manages to channel his imagination, understands him, supports and accompanies him, teaches him and trains him. He is his teacher, his friend and the person who understands and motivates him the most. Pablo's Robotics classes are still, after six months of this virtual trial, the highlight of my son's week. The only downside we have is that he cannot give, from time to time, a big hug to his mentor, whom he loves and misses so much."
María Luz R.
"Pablo is an excellent teacher, with a great capacity for empathy with the kids. Thanks to the fact that he is a great communicator, he knows how to transmit to the children what they have to do, and how to do it in a playful way, which makes learning better as well as fun. Undoubtedly a great professional and a better person, in whom we can trust the teaching of our children, not only for what they learn in his classes, but also for the values he transmits."
Gonzalo Javier S.